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Invest in mortgages

Are you looking for an attractive risk-return profile? Invest in Swiss mortgages – we will be happy to help you.

The advantages of key4

Online access to mortgages

You obtain access to mortgage financings for investment properties and self-occupied properties throughout Switzerland.

Flexibility and freedom of choice

You, as the investor, decide which loans to grant and which interest rates to offer for which terms.

A strong partner at your side

We are your single point of contact for the assessment, brokerage and take care of the entire administration.

One platform, different investment opportunities

Through our mortgage platform, you can invest in mortgages for both investment properties and self-occupied real estate properties.

Investment properties

Investment properties

Self-occupied real estate properties

Self-occupied real estate properties

Our process

We bring mortgage borrowers and investors together in a very simple manner, whilst taking care of the entire administration.

Request from the mortgage borrower

The mortgage borrower submits a request for a mortgage.

Financing assessment

We carefully assess each financing request according to our internal guidelines.

Activation on the platform

If the financing request meets the guidelines, the loan request will be processed on the platform.

Establishment of offers

Offers will be established from investors.

Forwarding of the offer

key4 forwards the offers from investors to the mortgage borrower.

Contract signature

The mortgage borrower reviews the various offers and makes a decision. We then take care of all the administration, coordinate the signature of the contract and the payout of the mortgage.

Borrower UBS Investor

Which properties are suitable for investment?


Investment properties

Self-occupied real estate properties

Type of property

Completed multi-family units and properties for commercial use

Self-occupied real estate properties in Switzerland (incl. luxury, rented and vacation properties)


One pledged object per request (incl. total pledge)

One pledged object per request

Financing structure

Fixed-rate mortgage or fixed-rate mortgage combined with a SARON Flex mortgage

Possibility to have a maximum of three mortgage tranches from different providers

Loan amount

From CHF 1 000 000

From CHF 100 000


2–20 years, can be combined with a SARON Flex mortgage

1–15 years and SARON mortgages


What clients say about us

Similar level of risk, significantly better returns

Thomas Inderwildi

Head of Asset Management at the Swiss Post Pension Fund

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