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About key4

There are many different types of mortgage offer. With various interest rates and terms, from a range of providers – it’s difficult to get an overview.

Through our key4 platform for investment properties, you can receive offers from various Swiss providers easily and directly with a single financing request.

Mortgage borrowers and institutional providers from Switzerland meet on the key4 platform for investment properties. We bring parties together and manage the mortgage throughout the entire term.

UBS is your point of contact for all your needs – from the initial advisory session through to the payout of your mortgage and beyond.

UBS operates key4 and as a provider also offers mortgages. UBS signs contracts with each provider to bring you key4 mortgages from our providers. The providers also entrust UBS with the supervision, management and administration of your mortgage – regardless of which provider you choose.

About our advice and the platform

We will call you at the agreed time and discuss your loan request with you. If we have sparked your interest, you can send us the documents about your property to make a request on the platform. If desired, you can also request a non-binding interest rate indication free of charge.

You sign the framework mandate agreement, after which we assess your request and send your dossier to the provider on the platform.

If a provider is interested in your request, they will carry out their own credit check within three bank working days and, if they are interested, submit a financing offer. You then in turn have three bank working days to decide whether and which of the offers you would like to accept. Once you have chosen one of the offers received, we will open a client relationship for you with UBS and you will sign the credit agreement with the provider.

If you have opted for a financing offer, key4 will charge you a one-time transaction fee.

Straight to a non-binding interest rate indication

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