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What is UBS key4 mortgages?

Interesting facts about UBS key4 mortgages summarized concisely

UBS key4 mortgages for investment properties

Are you looking for the best possible mortgage financing for your investment property? Would you like to be able to choose from several offers and save time in the process? We explain how.

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What is UBS key4 mortgages?

There are many different types of mortgage offer. With various interest rates and terms, from a range of providers – it’s difficult to get an overview.

Through our UBS key4 mortgages platform for investment properties, you can receive offers from various Swiss providers easily and directly with a single financing request.

How does UBS key4 mortgages for investment properties work?

Mortgage borrowers and institutional providers from Switzerland meet on the UBS key4 mortgages platform for investment properties. We bring parties together and manage the mortgage throughout the entire term.

What role does UBS play in UBS key4 mortgages?

UBS is your point of contact for all your needs – from the initial advisory session through to the payout of your mortgage and beyond.

UBS operates UBS key4 mortgages and as a provider also offers mortgages. UBS signs contracts with each provider to bring you UBS key4 mortgages from our providers. The providers also entrust UBS with the supervision, management and administration of your mortgage – regardless of which provider you choose.

Straight to a non-binding interest rate indication

Our process

We bring mortgage borrowers and investors together in a very simple manner, whilst taking care of the entire administration.

Request from the mortgage borrower

The mortgage borrower submits a request for a mortgage.

Financing assessment

We carefully assess each financing request according to our internal guidelines.

Activation on the platform

If the financing request meets the guidelines, the loan request will be processed on the platform.

Establishment of offers

Offers will be established from investors.

Forwarding of the offer

UBS key4 mortgages forwards the offers from investors to the mortgage borrower.

Contract signature

The mortgage borrower reviews the various offers and makes a decision. We then take care of all the administration, coordinate the signature of the contract and the payout of the mortgage.

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