Energy check for investment properties |

Energy check for investment properties

Tap into potential energy savings and optimize costs

In collaboration with the experts from pom+, we’re offering you a free energy check to determine the potential energy and cost savings of an investment property. Just enter a few details and receive a concrete plan of action. A UBS key4 mortgages client advisor will then discuss the result with you.


Individual assessment

Answer a few questions about the investment property. We’ll send the information to pom+, and you will receive a customized energy check.

Concrete action plan

You’ll receive concrete proposals for renovation that not only ensure the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the operation of the building but also support long-term returns and the preservation of the property value.

pom+ expertise

Benefit from our partnership with pom+, a consulting company specialized in real estate with proven expertise in sustainable properties. 


The framework for climate policy in Switzerland is laid down by the Paris Agreement, which aims to limit global warming to 1.5 °C.
Buildings are responsible for approximately 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in Switzerland and are therefore the focus of legislation. Statutory requirements are becoming more stringent, and investors’ are thinking increasingly in terms of savings, as investing in energy-optimized buildings is not only important for a sustainable future, but also makes economic sense.

pom+ is a Swiss consultancy that for more than 25 years has been providing services for real estate, infrastructure, companies and organizations in the fields of construction, facility, property, portfolio and asset management. The company’s key areas of expertise include resource optimization and ecological sustainability consulting for investment properties.

The pom+ energy check shows you how you can reduce the CO2 emissions of your investment property and how much this will cost. You will receive an individual plan of concrete measures with which to optimize the building’s energy consumption.