Mortgages: what do you need to consider? |


Which mortgage is suitable for your investment property?

Obtain an overview of our mortgage offering and find the right financing for your property.

Our types of mortgage

Fixed-rate mortgage
The mortgage with a fixed interest rate, so that you can plan your long-term budget with certainty.
SARON Flex mortgage
The mortgage with a variable interest rate.

The key4 platform finances mortgages that meet the following criteria:



Type of property

Completed multi-family units and properties for commercial use


One pledged object per request (incl. total pledge)

Financing structure

Fixed-rate mortgage or fixed-rate mortgage combined with a SARON Flex mortgage

Loan amount

From CHF 1 000 000


2–20 years, can be combined with a SARON Flex mortgage

Ready for the best offer?

Obtain a non-binding interest rate indication in just a few steps

Choose from several comparable offers to find the one that suits you best.

Attractive interest rates
Terms of 2 to 20 years
Several comparable offers
Free financing offer
Advice and processing from a single source
Various Swiss investors

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