Replacing a mortgage: here’s how

Would you like to replace your mortgage now?

Find out when it’s worth thinking about replacing your mortgage. We will assist you step by step.

We will assist you with the switch!

Switch easily at the right time

You can either wait for your mortgage to expire or replace the mortgage before the end of the term. However, this may incur costs. We will be happy to explain what you should bear in mind when switching mortgages and to help you in dealing with your current provider.

How can I switch my mortgage to UBS key4 mortgages?

Briefly describe your mortgage

Give us a few details about your current situation online and we will show you your options.

Discuss options

A brief discussion with your advisor will help you find out whether you want to switch early and benefit from lower interest rates, starting today.

Switch and relax

After the cancellation of your mortgage with your current provider, we’ll take over the entire process for you. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

More good reasons to choose UBS key4 mortgages

Easily combine offers
Advice and processing from a single source
Swiss financing providers
Terms of up to 15 years

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