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Affordability calculation: how much money do you need to purchase your own home?

15.09.2020| 5 Minutes
Many different factors play a role in financing a home: income and savings, financial planning, but also your own particular situation in life. Both the financing provider and the client have an interest in carrying out the affordability calculation on a solid basis.
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Land register: ordering extracts and viewing entries

17.07.2020| 3 minutes
Anyone who wants to buy a property or already owns one will inevitably encounter the land register – because this is where the legal situation of a property is recorded.
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Mortgage interest rates: what should you take into account?

22.06.2020| 3 minutes
Mortgage interest is the biggest cost factor in a homeowner’s budget. But what are current and future interest rate trends like? Basic knowledge of the market will help you make the right choice.
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Amortization: pay off a mortgage or keep it?

22.06.2020| 5 minutes
Mortgage interest rates are favorable at the moment. In the current situation, does it make sense to amortize a mortgage “in advance”? We explain the most important criteria for opting for the voluntary amortization of a mortgage.
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