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Our indicative interest rates*

These interest rates are for illustrative purposes only and are updated regularly (current status as at 01.04.2023). They do not constitute a binding financing offer.

The interest rates shown were determined by key4 on the basis of the following financing parameters: canton: Zurich, loan amount: CHF 500,000, affordability: 24%, loan-to-value ratio: 50%, mortgage payout date: 02.05.2023.

Other interest rates and terms available

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The ABCs of mortgage interest

Mortgage interest is the cost you have to pay the provider for the mortgage. It does not include amortization, maintenance costs and incidental expenses.

The calculation depends on the type of mortgage.

Calculation of mortgage interest for a SARON mortgage

The SARON mortgage has a variable interest rate and an unlimited term. The interest rate consists of the Compounded SARON plus an agreed fixed margin. The interest rate is calculated on the penultimate day of each accounting period. For clarification, it is stipulated that the Compounded SARON can never be less than 0.

> More about the SARON mortgage


Calculation of mortgage interest for a fixed-rate mortgage

A fixed-rate mortgage has a fixed interest rate for a specifically agreed term. At key4 you can fix the interest rate up to 18 months in advance.

> More about the fixed-rate mortgage

The following factors also play a role in the calculation of interest rates:

  • Your initial financial position
  • The condition, location and type of property
  • The current market and interest rate environment

In general, the following rule applies: the shorter the term, the lower the interest rate.

Please note, however, that with a SARON mortgage you are exposed to greater interest rate fluctuations than with medium- or long-term fixed-rate mortgages.

If you opt for a SARON mortgage, the interest rate may be lower than for a fixed-rate mortgage, but there is a risk that the interest rate will fluctuate during the contract term.

For a fixed-rate mortgage, the interest rate is fixed for the entire term. However, it is possible that at the end of the contract term, i.e. when you are planning follow-up financing, interest rates will be higher than when you took out the initial fixed-rate mortgage. If this is the case, you would have to take out the new mortgage at a higher interest rate.

To minimize these risks, we recommend a mix of several types of mortgages with different terms.

  • By combining several types of mortgages, you minimize the risk of fluctuating interest rates for your total financing.
  • By combining different terms, you also minimize the risk of having to reconfigure the total financing in an unfavorable interest rate situation.

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