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About UBS key4 mortgages

There are many different types of mortgage offers. With various interest rates and terms, from a range of providers: it’s difficult to get an overview.

Instead of spending a great deal of time obtaining offers, with UBS key4 mortgages you can simply let the providers come to you: just give us a few details and you will immediately receive non-binding offers from various Swiss providers. Transparently, independently, individually and of course free of charge. UBS key4 mortgages is operated by UBS Switzerland AG.

You spend a couple of minutes answering a few questions online about your desired mortgage, your property and your financial situation.

With just one inquiry you will receive the most attractive offers from our providers within seconds. Our offers are transparent and comparable. Are you interested in an offer? Then we will simply send you the offer by e-mail and you can arrange a consultation appointment if you wish. From here on, our advisors take over and explain how to proceed step by step.

One provider may offer attractive interest rates for long mortgage terms, while another may have particularly good conditions for short terms. Which one should you choose? With UBS key4 mortgages you can select both.

Benefit simultaneously from a favorable variable-rate mortgage from one provider and an attractive fixed-rate mortgage from another. For example, by combining offers from UBS, investment foundations or pension funds.

And the most important thing is that you remain independent and autonomous in your choice of mortgage. You decide on the product, term and provider for yourself.

You can finance your property with UBS key4 mortgages if you meet the following requirements:

Owner-occupied or rented residential properties and holiday properties in Switzerland.

Private individuals resident in Switzerland.


  •       Purpose: follow-up financing
  •        Structure: maximum of three mortgage tranches
  •        Loan amount: at least CHF 100,000
  •        Mortgages: UBS key4 mortgages SARON mortgage with an unlimited contractual term, UBS key4 mortgages fixed-rate mortgage with a term of 1 to 15 years

UBS is at your side throughout the process – from advising you on the initial offer through to paying out your mortgage and beyond.

UBS is your contact and contractual partner in all matters. It operates UBS key4 mortgages and as a provider also offers mortgages. UBS concludes contracts with each provider which authorize and instruct UBS to act as a custodian bank to grant and conclude mortgages with you. UBS is also entrusted with the supervision, management and administration of your mortgage – regardless of which provider you choose.

No, you can’t negotiate. UBS is bound by contracts with the providers. If, for example, you were to fall into arrears and your property were to be auctioned off as a result, UBS would have little room for maneuver and would be bound by the instructions of the third-party investors.

UBS key4 mortgages are financed by institutional investors from Switzerland. In addition to UBS, these can also be pension funds or investment foundations, for example.

As soon as you decide on an offer, you allow UBS to disclose all the data relevant to the mortgage to the provider concerned.

Your security is our top priority. That’s why UBS and other banks are subject to legal confidentiality obligations such as bank client confidentiality. The other providers are contractually obliged to comply with equivalent regulations.

We do not offer traditional building loans for the time being. However, your UBS advisor will be happy to advise you on alternatives at a branch.

With UBS key4 mortgages you have the great advantage of being able to split your financing into up to three mortgage tranches and choose a different provider for each tranche.

Combine offers from pension funds or banks such as UBS. You can benefit simultaneously from a favorable SARON mortgage from one provider and an attractive fixed-rate mortgage from another, for example.

All the mortgages financed are secured by the same mortgage notes, even if you have chosen different providers for their financing. The providers are merged into a simple partnership. In this case too, UBS is mandated to manage your mortgages and remains your sole contact and contractual partner throughout the relevant period.

Other collateral (e.g. pillar 3 assets) is also held in trust by UBS for all providers. All providers are therefore equally entitled to cover their claims.

When you take out your mortgages, we open a UBS account for you. The payments in connection with your mortgage will then be processed through this account.  You pay the interest into the account and we forward it to the appropriate provider.

Yes. Should this be the case, we will of course inform you immediately.  The provider becomes your contact person and takes over the management of your mortgage. Your mortgage will not change at all.

The provider has the right to have your property auctioned off. If one or more bidders do not bid at an auction held for recovery purposes because, for example, they are only financing one mortgage tranche, it is possible that your property may not be successfully auctioned or may be auctioned below its market value. In this case, you are liable for the uncovered portion of your mortgage debt with your private assets.

Before your consultation

You will receive an e-mail with the non-binding offer that you have selected online. If you have arranged a telephone appointment, you will also receive a confirmation and important information about the next steps.

Once the documents are complete and you meet all the requirements for a mortgages (e.g. lending amount and economic viability), nothing stands in the way of a consultation. We look forward to speaking to you!

The advisory session takes place by phone. A advisor will call you at the agreed time to discuss the ideal configuration of your mortgages with you.

If you wish, the advisor will share his screen with you during the conversation to explain the offer to you step by step.

Important: at no time do we have access to your computer – your data is secure.

After your consultation

After the advisory session, your advisor will send you an e-mail with a non-binding offer, which will also show the providers of the mortgage tranches you have chosen.

It is quite possible that this may differ from the initial offer, e.g. because the interest rate and capital market conditions have changed in the meantime or because your advisor obtained new information during the consultation.

The following steps are necessary:

Become a client
We will open a client relationship with UBS for you to ensure the smooth processing of your mortgages. Your advisor will provide you with the relevant documents. Please sign the documents and return them by post.

Verify your identity via app
A further step is to verify the identity of all the borrowers (e.g. spouse). Are you the sole debtor? Then it is sufficient if you simply verify your own identity. With the UBS Welcome App, this can be done in a few minutes. You will receive the instructions for installing the app via e-mail.

In the meantime, the advisor conducts the credit check. If the requirements are met, you will receive the final binding offer by e-mail or by post.

Taking out a mortgage

All borrowers (e.g. spouse) must verify their identity with the UBS Welcome App. We will send you the installation instructions by e-mail or by post. The process only takes a few minutes and you do not need an appointment.

Once you have successfully verified your identity and all the necessary documents have been submitted, we will send you the binding offer for your financing. If you agree to everything, complete and sign the document and return it to your advisor by e-mail or post.

It is very important that the signed document is received by the advisor by the acceptance deadline stated on the offer.

If you cannot meet the deadline, simply request a new offer. Please note that the provider, term and interest rate may differ from the original offer because we prepare our offers on a daily basis.

If the signed offer is received by your advisor on time, you will have successfully taken out your mortgages – congratulations!

We will pay out your mortgages once you have sent the binding offer and all the other necessary loan documents to your advisor, duly signed with a legally valid signature by the specified deadline.

If your mortgage is financed by one or more providers, the loan amount must also be made available to UBS by the provider(s) in good time.

Each provider is contractually obliged to make the loan amount available to UBS on time.

If a payment is not made, UBS cannot pay out the mortgage and will withdraw from the financing. UBS will help you to find a new provider on UBS key4 mortgages so that your financing can still be paid out on time. In such a case, it is possible that the conditions of the new mortgages (e.g. term and interest rate) may differ from the original offer.

No, we are not obliged to accept partial payments. For your account to be debited, you need to have sufficient funds available to pay all the interest and amortization owed on time. Otherwise you will be in default of payment, even if a partial payment from your account would theoretically be possible.

An extension works in the same way as initial financing: you will receive offers from various providers and can reconfigure your mortgage. If you have any questions, our experienced advisors will help you. An automatic extension with the existing provider is not provided for.

When extending your mortgage, it must continue to meet the criteria of UBS key4 mortgages and the providers.

If we are unable to find a suitable offer for you, the existing UBS key4 mortgages must be redeemed outside of key4. This may result in additional costs (e.g. early repayment penalties).

An increase will be made by the existing provider on condition that their investment criteria are met. Otherwise, a subordinated increase would be the only option, and checks would have to be made to ascertain whether a new provider could be found on key4. At best, a new mortgage note would have to be drawn up for a fee.

A subordinated mortgages is secured by a separate subordinated mortgage certificate. This may lead to additional costs. For example, because mortgage certificates have to be separated or reissued.

You are free to find a provider outside of UBS key4. This can lead to additional costs referred to as early redemption penalties because you may have to re-finance all your existing UBS key4 mortgages outside of UBS key4.

Ready for the best offer?

Obtain a non-binding offer within minutes.

Combine offers from various Swiss financing providers to create your own personal total financing solution.

Attractive interest rates and terms of up to 15 years
Free, one-stop advice and processing
Receive non-binding offers immediately online

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