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Green Mortgage

The mortgage for climate-friendly real estate

The green mortgage for climate-friendly real estate

If your property has a recognized sustainability certificate, it’s easy to turn your mortgage into a Green Mortgage. The aim of Green Mortgages is to promote environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient real estate.

Our existing product range, UBS key4 mortgages, forms the basis for this: Borrowers can combine offers from different lenders and put together a suitable overall package that meets their needs. If a sustainability certificate already exists for the real estate that you want to finance, we will verify that it meets our requirements for Green Mortgages and whether we are able to conclude it.

Does your property have a sustainability certificate?

Then please get in touch and we will check whether you are eligible for a Green Mortgage with a favorable interest rates.

Why we offer Green Mortgages

Promoting sustainability

With Green Mortgages, we are making a (major) contribution towards promoting energy-efficient buildings.

Proven product range

Customize your mortgage according to your requirements.

Achieving a meaningful goal with minimal effort

Send us your certificate and we’ll verify whether a Green Mortgage is an option for you.

What are the criteria for a Green Mortgage?

You must possess a recognized sustainability certificate that is accepted by UBS key4 mortgages for your real estate.
The sustainability certificate must have a minimum duration of at least six months still remaining and cover all the properties you wish to finance.

Your Green Mortgage at a glance

As a Green Mortgage is based on the conventional product offering of UBS key4 mortgages, you can put one together using mortgage offers from different lenders, provided you possess a recognized sustainability certificate. These can be different fixed-rate or SARON mortgages (or a combination of both). Each type has the following advantages and disadvantages.


The costs are fixed and can be planned exactly. You do not have to take interest rate fluctuations into consideration. You can fix a favorable interest rate for the entire mortgage period.
You do not have the option of switching to another mortgage, even if the interest rate decreases during the term. Early mortgage redemption and extraordinary amortization are subject to a charge.

SARON mortgage

You benefit from the attractive market-driven Swiss basic interest rate. The contract term is unlimited, and you can switch to a fixed rate mortgage at any time.
Due to fluctuating interest rates, planning is less reliable.

Would you like to conclude a Green Mortgage?

Then get a non-binding quote now. You can send us the certificate as soon as a client advisor gets in touch with you.

Process for borrowers

Ready for the best offer?

Why we care so much about sustainability

Investing in tomorrow today – this is our maxim regarding sustainability. In this motto, we include regional commitments, active responsibility as well as sustainable products such as Green Mortgages.
Green mortgages contribute to promoting sustainability in accordance with Switzerland’s Energy Strategy 2050. You can already make the most of today to do something good for tomorrow.

Why are energy-efficient buildings so important?
According to the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE, Swiss building stock consumes approx. 90 Twh, or about 40 percent of total energy requirements. It is also responsible for around one third of domestic CO2 emissions.
The Energy Strategy 2050 aims for an energy consumption of 65 TWh across all Swiss buildings. In line with the Paris Climate Agreement, CO2 emissions are to be reduced to net zero. Read now ->

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How much is your property worth?

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