Redeeming a mortgage

How to switch your mortgage to key4

Our interest rates*


from 0.52 %

5-year fixed-rate mortgage

from 0.54 %

10-year fixed-rate mortgage

from 0.70 %

15-year fixed-rate mortgage

from 0.92 %

These interest rates are for illustrative purposes only and are updated regularly (current status as at 19.10.2020). They do not constitute a binding financing offer.

The interest rates shown were determined by key4 on the basis of the following financing parameters: canton: Zurich, loan amount: CHF 500,000, affordability: 24%, loan-to-value ratio: 50%, mortgage payout date: 19.11.2020.

Can I extend or redeem my mortgage online?

With key4, you can get an overview online in just a few minutes and receive initial non-binding offers from various financing providers. You can combine these offers according to your needs.   

How do I extend my mortgage with key4?

When is the best time to extend my mortgage?

Is your mortgage about to end? If so, you should plan the follow-up financing early enough because there are important questions to answer – and that often takes time. For example, whether now is the ideal time to switch mortgage type (fixed-rate or Libor mortgage) or even financing provider.
Don’t wait until the last minute. This will avoid putting you under time pressure and allow you to plan better in the long term.

What do I need to consider when extending or redeeming my mortgage?

Mortgage interest

Find out about the performance and future expectations of mortgage interest rates well before your mortgage ends. You can take out a mortgage with us 18 months in advance in order to secure an attractive long-term interest rate.

Good to know: please note the terms and any notice periods / redemption conditions of your current mortgage.


Overall financing in several tranches

Do you have several mortgage tranches? When you take out a new mortgage, you should make sure that the overall financing corresponds to your risk profile (stable, balanced, market-oriented). This will allow you to stay flexible and enjoy budget security.


You should consider these questions when making your decision:

  1. Do you need to take into account any envisaged events such as starting a family, switching to self-employment, succession planning, etc.?
  2. Do you want to amortize your mortgage? If so, in what form?
  3. Are you planning to renovate or convert your property? What are your future financing requirements?
  4. Would you like to replace your mortgage with a fixed-rate mortgage or Libor mortgage?


Redemption of your mortgage

Do you want to repay the mortgage at the end of the term and/or switch financing provider? If so, you should keep an eye on the notice period for redemption / cancellation. It may also be worthwhile for you to cancel your mortgage early (usually subject to a fee). Please contact us if you are uncertain – we will be happy to assist you.

Ready to go?

Obtain a non-binding offer within minutes.

Combine offers from various Swiss financing providers to create your own personal overall financing solution.

Attractive interest rates
Terms of up to 15 years
Easily combine offers
Immediate non-binding online offer
Advice and processing from a single source
Swiss financing providers

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