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UBS key4 mortgages Coaching: realize your dream of owning your own home

Do you dream of owning your own house or apartment? Even if you haven’t found a specific property yet and realizing your dream seems a long way away: it pays to obtain information and to prepare early on. Decisions have to be made, documents organized and various steps taken before the actual purchase is concluded. What should you take into account? What are the traps to avoid falling into? You will find answers to these and other questions in the following coaching.

In the five different modules, you will not only learn theoretical basics about buying a house, such as the golden rule of financing. You will also obtain practical food for thought to help you address your home ownership needs. This is what a coaching offers you:

  • Food for thought and specific practical tips on home financing
  • Help with questions like: which property and which financing suits me?
  • Divided into five learning modules that build on each other
  • Only a maximum of 10 minutes’ reading time per module

Have fun learning!

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